About Hall's in Salem, MO

Part of the community since 1987!


It has been our pleasure to be a part of such a prestigious community for almost 30 years. Our business is a family owned business that first started with us driving door to door, providing a pick-up service until quantities reached such a level we decided to open the business to the public on HWY 72. A couple years later we started offering fireworks seasonally to offer families a chance to celebrate the fourth of July without having to spend an entire weeks wages. This expansion made us realize that we needed more room.

Finding a building big enough was quite the challenge but we knew we had found the perfect home for our business when we viewed the old Hasty Packing Plant out on HWY 68 and we have been there ever since. Our business has grown over the years and now we offer a lot more than just the recycling center. We also have bulk spices and groceries, garden seed and starts, occasional building supplies, occasional local crafts and even some antiques and collectables. Fireworks are no longer part of our business but are still a large part of our history.

You just never know what you might find if you come out for a visit. We are always improving the building and services to better serve Dent county and the surrounding areas. Our family insists on excellent customer service and quality products. These are just a few of the strong principles our business has been built on and it is those same high standards that have helped us thrive. We would also like to take a moment to thank the other very important factor that has helped us thrive over the decades and that is you, the customer. We warmly thank you for over twenty-nine good years and we are looking forward to just as many more!

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