Hall's Gardening Department

Seed potatoes, garden seed, & plant starts, oh my!


Growing your own vegetables and flowers is not only a healthy exercise but it is also a good way to save money and put fresh wholesome food on your dinner table. More and more reports are showing that foods grown at home without excess pesticides, in rich properly amended soil, and eaten when freshly harvested are higher in nutrients than those you get at the store that were harvested days, sometimes even more than a week ago! This comes as no surprise to most of us who have been gardening for the majority of our lives. One taste from a fresh, juicy, home grown tomato and it would be impossible to miss the difference.

Even better is that you can provide this fresh, healthy, bountiful harvest for your family at much less cost than store bought foods. Many even store their summer harvests to have a tasty year round food supply. If your budget is tight, little more is required than seed, water, and a patch of Earth to start your garden. Though the results may not be the same as well amended and fertilized soil, you will still be able to save a lot of money off of your grocery bill and get to enjoy good home grown food. Just don't forget to make a compost pile for all the lawn and kitchen scraps to add to your soil for free fertilizer!

Seasonally we also offer plant starts grown locally and hanging flower baskets that are a delight to behold. They make wonderful gifts for friends and for Mother's day too. Though plant starts are not as economical as seed, they are an immense time saver and invaluable for those hard to start  plants. Our vigorous seedlings are amazingly healthy and are watered daily. Another seasonal product we carry are certified seed potatoes and onion sets. Buying certified seed potatoes is important to make sure they are guaranteed disease free.

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