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A day for friends, family, & celebrating freedom!

 UPDATE: 2013 was our final Fireworks Season. We have enjoyed our 20+ years of fireworks sales to the community but all good things must come to an end. We do hope to pass the torch to another capable local who will maintain the low prices so that our freedom may be celebrated by all!

The days spent with friends and family are too few and too far spread out. The Fourth of July though holds an even deeper meaning than the joy of time spent with loved ones and that is our deep appreciation for our freedom and independence. We know we are very lucky to live in this country based on freedom from religious persecution and an acceptance of all human beings as equals. Knowing how fortunate we are, especially since many countries do not have these things makes us want to celebrate and we are sure you feel that way too!

It has been a long standing tradition to light the sky up with fireworks to share far and wide our relishing of independence. Every family deserves to be able to express those feelings without having to break the bank. That is why we started offering fireworks. We sell many fireworks cheaper today than they were available when we started selling them in the 80's! If you doubt that, just look at our moon traveler bottle rockets. Our low prices are second to none.

We have other benefits though, since we keep our fireworks inside year round they are in better shape and are much less likely to have problems than fireworks kept out in the elements. Our fireworks never suffer from sun damage, or water damage . Air conditioning while you shop is another big bonus of Hall's, you can browse in comfort and there aren't any mosquitoes out to eat you either! We also are able to offer a much wider selection because we have a lot of floor room. Every year we have people that have come from all over Missouri and other states too, just to buy fireworks from us. If you are new to the area, come check our prices versus the competitors before buying, we are that confident that you will be back!

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