Sugar Free, Gluten Free, & Health Food

We carry a wide range of gluten free and sugar free products.


Often times it is hard to find specialty or health food ingredients. With a multitude of diet restrictions finding products that work for individuals on such diet restrictions can be hard. Sugar free and gluten free foods can be hard to locate as they are not in high demand. Many nutritional ingredients face the same fate, but we carry many hard to find ingredients like rye flour or even whole wheat berries. Hall's carries a plethora of health food ingredients and foods that meet the needs of those with specific diet restrictions.

Also, we offer spices in bulk allowing you to save a considerable amount of money. Some of the spices we offer can be very hard to find anywhere else in the area and we are proud of the freshness we offer in our spices. These include meat rubs and premixed seasonings.

Also among our offerings are bulk candy, a large variety of jams and jellies, dried fruit, nuts, baking needs, plenty of pasta, and an extensive assortment of snacks like fried green beans. There is bound to be something for every taste!

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