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Mar 2011

Why Certified Seed Potatoes

We can't wait for spring to decide to settle in and we bet you can't either! We have our seed potatoes, onion sets, and seed ready to go and are just itching for planting time. Which could be now if you can protect your crops from any late freezes that might sneak in.

There are several reasons why it is very important to get certified seed potatoes over the ones at the grocery store. So we thought we would discuss some of those reasons here. Certified seed potatoes means they have been inspected and tested and verified to be free of any disease.

Though you can grow the potatoes from the grocery store they could be carrying dormant diseases that will spread into your soil and could affect not only this year's crop but successive crops as well. These diseases can vary from ones that simply reduce yields to ones that will wipe out the entire crop. When you do not buy certified seed potatoes you are taking a gamble as to whether they are disease free or not.

Also important is that seed potatoes at the store that are not organic are treated with anti-sprouting chemicals to keep the sprouts from growing. The sprouts will still grow over time but they will have lost some of their initial vigor by having to overcome the pre-emergent chemicals.

Our seed potatoes are certified and we have a wide selection. Let that garden bug have some fun and come see our extensive variety of seeds today!

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